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Love Her~
Crystal skull out for a woodland stroll~ I love my little forest🍂🍄✨👻
I’ve been gifted beautiful Lemurian Seed Quartz🍂💕🍄 such a powerful energy to them, yet very balanced with gentle healing.

billywiig asked: im so hoping you can help me. okay so i have an amethyst pendulum which broke. i was wondering if i could glue it back and with what? it would have to be sold in australia. and secondly would it still work being a pendulum? would the energies still be there and would it be all right for spells and healing? im so upset and worried because i love it so much and have a real strong connection to it. if you could help me that would be great x

billywiig I dislike very much when our crystals break. My question to you is…. what was the question you asked the amethyst pendulum? Sometimes these things happen when your Guides are trying to get our attention on a situation. Other times I feel the crystal is vibrating at such a high frequency, it breaks. This is not a bad thing. It simply means your beloved crystal has fulfilled its purpose or is meant for you to have two pieces to carry and meditate with in each palm. In my personal experience with pendulums, when you use one it must be whole. I don’t think mending it with glue will help in this situation. Try placing the broken pieces in your garden or in a salt bath for a few days, than ask the crystal yourself what it would like done with itself. You have connected with this Amethyst….simply talk to it. I think for spells, you might get away with using the one “half” of the amethyst attached to the chain (if it’s still in tack) for a pendulum. Your intuition will tell you if it’s okay for spell work or not. Trust your gut~ I feel it might just need a Moon bath or Sun bath, whichever you prefer. Call on Aphrodite to heal your heart and balence the engergy of the Crystal. Once the bath is done, then the amethyst may assist you in magick…perhaps not as a pendulum though. Reach out to your guides… ask why? What is the message behind all this?

All the best Sister,


littleluckdragon asked: I've just discovered your blog, and had to let you know how in love I am! Your blog is one of my new favourites! Have a wonderful day dear <3

littleluckdragon You’re blog is so delightful! I enjoyed taking a peak. Thank you for sharing your kind words. ~M~